• Can Someone with Darker Skin get Ultherapy?

    on Nov 29th, 2016

Ultherapy is the ideal solution for individuals of any skin type with skin sagging or wrinkles on the face, neck and chest or even for individuals who want to prevent sagging.  Ulthera is not a laser, but rather focused ultrasound energy that travels to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis and provide lift.  Because it goes deeper into the skin it does not have the risks and complications of some laser treatments and chemical peels that affect the upper layers of the skin making them unsafe in darker skin types.   Having performed many Ultherapy treatments on patients of Asian, African-American and East Indian descent, we have not yet found dark-skinned patients to be at greater risk than light-skinned patients.

Because of Ultherapy’s  non-invasive nature and minimal downtime compared to laser resurfacing, a large number of darker skinned patients are undergoing Ultherapy for sagging skin and wrinkles on the face, neck, and chest.  Unlike surgery there is not risk of scar formation, which is a key reason may darker-skinned patients choose Ultherapy over surgical facelift.

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