• Is Microwaving Your Armpits a Real Thing?

    on Nov 29th, 2016

Do you avoid certain clothing for fear of sweat stains?  Do you feel that your deodorant doesn’t work as well as it should?  Well a new treatment called miraDry might just be the answer. This unique treatment use microwave energy to banish underarm sweat and odor for good.

Right about now your might be thinking why not just turn your kitchen microwave on and expose your armpits.  Well it’s not so simple. Unlike your handy kitchen appliance, miraDry delivers precisely controlled microwave energy into the skin to the level of the sweat and glands in order to destroy them.

The same technology has been shown to reduce hair in addition to sweat and odor; and in July, the FDA approved miraSmooth for hair removal.  Compared to traditional laser hair removal, which depends on skin tone and hair color, microwave energy works with all skin colors and hair colors. This is a revolutionary development in the hair removal arena and opens the door for individuals with darker skin tones or lighter hair, who tend to be poor laser hair removal candidates, to get hair reduction procedures.

If you’re curious about learning more about miraDry and miraSmooth, schedule a consultation today.

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