• Winter Skin Tips

    on Nov 29th, 2016

As the temperature drops, patients begin to inquire about how they can better protect their skin from the harsh Winter elements. Below are some helpful tips to keep your skin looking healthy during the drying Winter months.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

You may need to use a thicker moisturizer in the winter especially if your skin tends to be dry.  Try an oil-based, noncomedogenic moisturizer, such as one with almond, jojoba, or avocado oil.  Creams that contain “humectants”, such as alpha-hydroxy acid or glycerin, which draw moisture to the skin are great for the body.

2. Use sunscreen everyday

Damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun is present even in the winter.

3. Take short, lukewarm showers with a gentle cleanser

After showering pat dry the skin and apply moisturizer immediately while the skin is still damp.  Try to avoid long, hot showers, which can strip the skin of its protective lipid barrier causing more dryness.

4. Try adding a product containing hyaluronic acid or a weekly hydrating mask for added moisturization.

5. Avoid harsh cleansers, peels and masks and alcohol-based products, which can dry the skin out.

6. Try to cover up as much as possible when being outdoors to protect your skin from the cold and wind.  For example, wear gloves whenever you are outdoors to protect the hands.

7. Use a humidifier to combat the dry air.

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